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Launch your business website the easy way

Starting your new business after years in the Corporate world doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Sure you don’t have the IT department, HR, Branding team (or anyone for that matter!), but your first step will always be to get your brand out in the market with a website.

This is the easy (and very effective) way to do that.

Who is this right for?

You are a Micro or SME who needs an online presence & would prefer to outsource the build to an expert for a high quality product without the large agency prices.

You want a website that not only showcases your business & proves your credentials, you want it to also streamline some day to day processes.

You want a simple backend set up that will allow you to update & add content such as blogs & events yourself, in your own time & at no additional cost. 

You know there’s more to a website than a pretty front end. It needs to be fast, responsive, optimised for search and as secure as possible. 

You need a website that can grow as your business does. You would prefer a system that has room for expansion & added functionality when needed. 

You believe in working smarter, not harder. Your website needs to save you time, not cost you time.  

How can I help?


After helping launch amost 100 SMEs over the last 10 years, a lot of thought and time has gone into refining the service, so the process for you is simple, the price reasonable and the outcome highly effective.

Knack only does 4 things, but it does them well.

1. Website Builds

Your website is generally your market’s first impression of your business, so it should be a professional as you are.

It needs to be responsive (able to be viewed on all devices), fast and on brand (don’t have a brand? I can help wth that too!).

It also needs to be indexed to make it findable and SEO Compliant – this will ensure good domain authority (which is like a popularity score – you want to be showing up with the cool kids).

2. SEO Optimised Content

You know your business best, so the first round of content comes from you. It’s an easy process, all you do is answer some quick questions.

Then our Copywriter will work her magic and edit it for SEO, to ensure your content appeals to your target market, is structured for clarity and action, plus is findable on the interwebs.

3. Built in Automations

Admin is what kills small biz.

Automations such as online calendar booking, lead magnets and forms (for example contact, brief, review, feedback) are all included, which will simplify your business process and save you time. Plus they are ready to go 24/7!

Might as well let your website do some of the heavy lifting! Most people don’t include these in their web builds, but they always end up being the most beloved features.

4. Hands Free Servicing

Websites are very like cars in a way – they need hosting (petrol), maintenance (changing the oil), updates (pumping the tyres), security (a car alarm and keys) and insurance (just in case of a crash or break in).

It’s one of those things that everyone puts off – which is not good. So this plan removes the pain, by including maintenance, updates, security, backups and as part of the hosting package. So it’s hands free for you,

Hi, I’m Alison

Specialising in SMEs, especially start up’s post Corporate life, I work closely with each client and consider myself an extension of their business. 

Most small businesses can’t afford a full time digital resource, so a major part of my service to simplify the process, provide training, to empower the company to keep their marketing efforts ticking over with the least effort. 

With that in mind, I keep the website build processes streamlined, efficient and carefully prioritised, plus look after all on-going elements so you can concentrate on your business. 

Your marketing effort should never overtake core business, and it needs to constantly provide itself by providing a return on your investment.

It’s all about getting the knack – the ability to do something easily and well. 


All home grown

Based in Canberra, Knack Marketing works exclusively on Australian projects. 

Nothing is off-shored. So there’s no worries about work being farmed out to unknown third parties. 

There’s also no problem with time zones. We’ll be working the same hours, so feel free to contact me anytime! 

Served in Australia

When building Australian websites for Australian markets, it’s important to think about the servers – who will host your website?

A local server will mean faster load times, plus a local IP address can positively affect your local Google search.

Knack’s hosting is optimised for Australian business. 

Websites Built

Years in Business

Years Marketing

Potentially the days until your new site!

How does it work?

The 9 Phase Process

This is the process I follow. It’s tried and tested to ensure the best outcome with the minimal effort from you.

In fact, you are only involved in a few of these phases, I’ve just outlined them so that you understand what is happening behind the scenes plus the robustness of the process.

The three most important things to note are: 

  • Phase 1 – Content Collection must be completed by the last Monday of the month. 
  • Phase 3 – Production always starts on the first Monday of the month.
  • Build to Launch is 22 days. Just think! In just over 1 month you could have a new website!

Phase 1

Content Collection – You

Once you sign up we’re up and running!

The first thing you will receive is a timeline, letting you know all the key dates, including content deadline and most importantly, launch date!

This is also when you start compliling all the content for the website.

Phase 2

Project Preparation – Knack

After all the content is submitted it then goes to our incredible copywriter who will:

  • Do some keyword research on your business and competitors.
  • Massage your content into shape (reability, funnel focused, appropriateness for target).
  • Make sure it is SEO worthy.
  • Write SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • And so much more!

Phase 3

Production – Knack

This is when the build starts!

A fresh install of WordPress and getting all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed.

After all the boring back room stuff we start injecting your brand, content and automations into the website.

Phase 4

Quality Control – Knack

Once the build is complete we then focus on making sure everything is working as it should before the feedback stage. 

Of course we want to make sure the website is as close to perfect as possbile, but this step also insures that your revision round runs as smoothly as possible. 

Phase 5

Feedback – You

This is the most exciting phase of them all! You will receive a link to access your brand new website! 

You will see all the images, text, badges, icons etc in situ. You will see what your website can do and exactly how it will help your business not just survive but thrive. 

This is also the feedback time – so any edits and updates can be passed on using our very handly commmenting tool (yes, you will be able to comment directly on your website – nifty right!)

Phase 6


Once your feedback is received, we then complete any edits in Phase 6. 

Phase 7

Pre Launch Check

Pre launch your website is moved from it’s local staging (ie Knack’s enviornment) into the world wide web. 

It will sit behind a coming soon page, so not yet accessible to the general public, but we can conduct final pre launch checks. 

Phase 8


The coming soon page is removed and your website is live! 

Dependent on your objectives, you might choose a soft launch or you might develop a more detailed strategy. You will receive a PDF with information on lauch stategies FYI. 

Phase 9

Post Launch Planning

You website is now live and helping with your business goals. Now is the time to make sure that you are ticking the boxes to ensure you build your Google Authority. A planning checklist will be sent to you. 

In terms of maintenace, updates and security you can relax, as it is included in the hosting. Nice!

US vs Them

What makes Knack Marketing & Design different?

Professional Online Presence

According to CXL it takes 1/10th of a second to judge a website. First impressions matter. Design matters. Building a website with best practice design principles = trust. 

SEO Optimised Content

Yes, your website is a great portolio. But what if it could find you new customers? Building your Google authority takes time & a bit of effort, but is very do’able with the right strategies.

Easy DIY Updates

Want to edit your copy? Change in team? New phone number? Some agencies will lock down your website then charge for edits. Not Knack. You will be given access and trained on how to update content. 

Professional Copywriter Included

You know your business inside and out. But potential clients don’t. There’s a real skill in commnicating so that info can be easily understood and actioned on. Plus SEO needs to be woven in too. 

Added Extras

Don’t pay for things you don’t need. Knack websites are modular, so you can select only what you need now. Buy the base product and then add on as you need it. 

Built-In Automations

Whenever possible we want to streamline process and remove admin. Your website can handle taking briefs, booking meetings, compiling inforamation and so much more. It’s the cheapest VA ever!

Your Bonus

Plus first 3 months of Hosting and Protection Plan are currently free of charge!

As a special bonus, the first 3 months of Hosting and your Protection Plan are given to you free of charge as a signing bonus.

The Protection Plan includes Security, Maintenance, Backups and Insurance (in the form of a free removal of malware or reinstall should the worst happen).

Pricing & Features table

This is what you’ll get

For Now Or Later

Optional Extras

When can I start!

In order to keep the build cost as reasonable as possible, all website builds are batched with limited spots available. Start dates are always the 1st Monday of the month, with final content due the week before.



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